Practice of Psychotherapy

The therapeutic point of view

Suddenly but not just by chance you may be faced with a personal or professional crisis, where it would be meaningful to look for qualified help.

I see myself as a human person, who wants to help another human person in a professional way with psychotherapy. This other person someone, who is seeking for help. I want to join her or him in a trustful dialogue in search of an individual solution to the crisis.

I am a Physician with special qualifications in psychosomatic and psychotherapeutic medicine (member of DGPM) with many years of experience of clinical psychiatric work. I follow  the idea of a holistic view of human health, where body, soul and spirit are related to each other in harmonic communication.

As a Psychotherapist with a psychoanalytical education I represent a therapeutical point of view, which is influenced by Alfred Adlers Individual`Psychology (member of DGIP and DGPT) and Self Psychology. In addition to the psychoanalytical method I use lifestyles anaylsis, psychodrama and other creative therapeutic methods.

I believe that each person is looking and striving for a sense of his own identity within the coummunity.

In childhood each person develops a special strategy, an individual lifestyle, to find a place in the world or to take part on this world, which will result in an increase in self esteem.  During any life a human beeing may suffer from great misfortune, which could lead to a life crisis, where the acquired life strategies of solutions do not help any more.

In my therapeutic work I want to stimulate the awareness and sensitive care of oneself and of the other, to integrate feeling, mind and heart in coping with conflicts in order to make life a more satisfying.

My main focus is in the treatment of conflicts involving self-esteem. This conflicts interferewith intimate relationships and with the ability to cope with violent traumatic experience.

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